Care4Animals Goa also coordinates the rescue of animals in distress across various parts of Goa. Over the years, we have rescued thousands of animals that have been abused, abandoned, or neglected – from snakes, monkeys, birds, and cattle to dogs and cats; animals that have been in harm’s way or were subject to cruelty or abuse have been saved.

Care4Animals Goa has a highly trained team of animal rescuers ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. When we receive calls to rescue animals in distress, we develop pet-friendly evacuation plans, secure food and other resources and deploy emergency rescue operations for these animals.

We have successfully rescued animals found in appalling conditions, some with no access to food or water or have been suffering from severe hair loss and other skin conditions. Rescued animals that need veterinary care are treated at our shelter, while those that need fostering are put in the hands of loving foster parents that give them the affection and care they deserve and nurture them back to health.

We work to not only save animals from suffering, but also to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild and protect their precious natural habitats.

If you witness cases of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, report it to the authorities as soon as you can. Our team will investigate and take necessary actions. Use your voice for good and educate others around you to create awareness. Join our team and help us make a difference.